From the pumps that bring us chocolate and chips.

Food pumps don’t get a lot of attention. (Actually, they’re designed that way.) But without their efficient work behind the scenes we’d be starved (literally) of a vast number of the foods, and food products, we take for granted. And modern food production simply wouldn’t be possible on such an extensive scale. With the emphasis on stocked shelves and pantries right now, we thought it was a good time to take a closer look.

From seafood to dairy, what we harvest and process not only feeds our population but enables the exports which are the backbone of our country.

Prime Pump’s Cornell, SIHI and Wangen brands are food pump world-leaders. Chosen for quality, fitness to purpose, and lowest cost of ownership they’re used by international food companies to raise the global bar in performance, food security and hygiene.

The USA-made Cornell pumps, for example, are one-of-a-kind. Industry pioneers with 50 years’ experience, the company specialises in the gentle, yet efficient, hydro-transfer of foods including; corn, peas, tomatoes, whole apples, potatoes and even live fish. Cornell’s unique impeller reduces damage to the pumps’ delicate cargoes, to an absolute minimum - eliminating the high levels of waste associated with conventional big channel impeller pumps.

Hot oils require their own kind of “kid gloves” and not all pumps are up to it. Cornell, and Germany’s SIHI pumps have pumps dedicated to it.

The Wangen MX is another unique pump, used for dosing accurately, and high-pressure applications including filling containers and bottles. Also, under the German designed and engineered Wangen brand is the twin screw. This handles anything from light liquids (fruit juices etc) through to mince, chocolate, almonds, bread dough, cream cheese, yoghurt with berries and other dairy products, while delivering hygiene second to none. There are no connecting parts in the pump end and no second pump is required for meticulous cleaning.

Also, from Wangen are the stainless pumps used for pulps, juices, pastes and basically, anything in a can or bottle. Slow-running they easily beat the short-life, fast running pumps in both maintenance costs and reliability. Guten Appetit!

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