Varisco: Years of service

Varisco self-priming pumps have been represented in New Zealand for just over 17 years now.  In 2002 Varisco approached Prime Pump (then known as Applied Pumping Technologies) to be their distributor in New Zealand.

Varisco JE Application 1Since their launch into the market, the products have found their way into such a wide range of applications that we couldn’t begin to list them all - From diesel transfer and trade waste,  right through to effluent, gold screening, and general dirty water transfer.  

We often get asked by new customers what makes the Varisco product the best for the job.  They want to know the real reasons (not just “quality, reliability” etc.) because everyone can say their product is quality and reliable.  To say what it is that gives us such confidence in the product is what matters.

Ruggedness of design

It is mainly the design that does most of the heavy lifting.  All the wear parts are extremely generous with material to provide the longest lifetime possible without going overboard.  The design and strength of the vanes on the impellers, the wear plates and the construction of the casings are more than adequate for even the toughest of applications.  The shaft and bearings are also very heavy duty compared to other brands - the seal assembly is mounted on a sleeve to avoid shaft damage.

The mechanical seal is grease lubricated in case of occasionally dry running in some applications.

Wide range of applications

The suitability of the pumps for numerous different applications is also what makes them the obvious choice.  These pumps are installed on water carts, in dairy effluent applications, sewer stations, gold and coal mines, in diesel tanks, in trade waste, food waste, mixing fertiliser, wastewater treatment plants, concrete plants – to mention a few!

Range of materials

The pumps come standard as cast iron, but they are also available in stainless steel or bronze.  Some models can be specially hardened for extra life and resistance to wear.

They are also available with different rubbers and mechanical seals to best suit your application.

Varisco JD Application 1Range of configurations

The J series come in numerous configurations which means we can easily specify a pump to suit your particular needs, wants, or application.

  • Close-coupled electric
  • Diesel or petrol engine
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Bare shaft for long-coupled applications or pulley drive
  • ATEX rated pump sets



The maintenance required for these pumps is minimal.  One of the most attractive features is that a set of wear parts (or even just a few simple shims) can bring the pump back up to full performance with very little downtime.

  • The grease-lubricated mechanical seal ensures maximum life & dry run peace of mind
  • Replaceable wear plates mean the pump casing does not need to be replaced very often (if at all)

We also provide great backup in spare parts – we have an extensive stock of the main wear parts on the shelf (mechanical seals, impellers, wear plates, gasket kits, check valves, etc.)


The design and working principle of these pumps is very simple & effective.  This makes troubleshooting faster and issues easier to fix.


At Prime Pump we believe in the Varisco product – we know its strengths and its limitations.  If we aren’t sure about an application or know that there is a high chance that it is not a fit for the application, we will give you the reasons why and recommend another suitable pump.

We are here to sell a solution – not a product.

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