Mag Drive AMA Series



AMA Overview

Magnectically driven pumps are the industry standard when processing harsh and highly corrosive applications.

The centrifugal force is driven by two rotating magnets rather than beinf directly coupled to a motor.  Elminimating the need for mechanical seal and therfore makeing magnecti drive pumps completely leak proof.

The AMA range of magnetic drive pumps are designed to ISO2858, ISO3661 and ISO2084 standards.  The pumps deal with high temperatures, high pressures and highly corrosive applications effectivley, efficently and reliably. 

The AMA magnetic drive range is one of the most efficent pumps in the field, with average operating efficiencies over 70% reducing energy consumption and the pump life-cycle cost. 

Product Information


Rugged Design

The AMA magnetic drive range incorporates a unique and patented buffer system, designed to absorb vibrations and shock caused by adverse operating conditions.  At the same time, the dynamic buffer system is self adjusting, allowing smooth and controlled face to face contact between the thurst ring and the war ring, minimizing wear and increasing service life.  

Combined with the high temperature resistance, thanks to the ductile iron casing; the AMA range can pump all different types of corrosive applications with ease.

Efficiency Meets Reliability

Don't risk your prcocess system!  With the AMA range we guarantee the pump with 2 years free warranty as an assurance to your business that the pumps are the right chemical pumping solution for your application.