Mag Drive AME Series



Heavy Duty Design

You can be assured of quality, reliability and complete corrosion resistance when using AME mag drive pumps. 

Until now, the biggest concern with seal-less pumps made from engineering plastics has been the shaft support system as it must be strong enough to withstand the radial forces during operation.  The AME range are designed to balance radial force and reduce the bearing load which also reduces the noise level. 

Supported Shaft

The AME range have a unique, patented, intergrated "V" shape front support that is intergal to the metal casing which is then PFA lined. 

This improves the liquid flow to the impeller, increasing operational efficiency, reducing NPSHr and ensuring a long life service life. 

The one piece PFA lining and internal SSiC parts give outstanding chemcial resistance to practically all corrosive applications even at temperatures up to 150.

Product Information


The AME range has new patented intergrated V shape fron support that is part of the FCD450 metal casing which is PFA lined.  The one piece PF lining gives outstanding chemical resistance to practically all corrosive liquids even temperatures up to 150c.


All pumps in the AME range are built to ISO2858 dimensions and the baseplate built to ISO3661.  Flanged connections are available as ANSI or DIN as standard.  This makes replacing older, inferior pumps very simple and cost effective.