Mag Drive AMXI Series



To reduce your costs over the life of a pump, the AMXi range has two distinct features. If a pump is run dry, it will normally mean a failure at the seal causing an expensive and hazardous leak. As a magnetic drive pump it is sealless, so even if the pump should fail from running dry, you will not have the associated costs. However the AMXi range have a patented run dry design that dissipates the heat build up caused from running dry and preventing any damage to the pump.

The second patented design feature of the AMXi range will increase your mean time between servicing and therefore save you further costs. Should a mag drive pump be subjected to adverse operating conditions, the vibration and shock will significantly reduce the life of the parts. The dynamic buffer system acts as a shock absorber between the impeller and casing, minimising wear and prolonging service life.

Product Information


Assoma AMXI Series: Overview

  • Capacity to 850 l/m (51m3/hr)
  • Head to 28 Meters
  • High Efficiency performance
  • Seal-less and therefore LEAK-FREE
  • Unique buffer system
  • ETFE Lined
  • Patented Run-Dry Protection
  • Easy to Maintain – Parts can be changed swiftly
  • Compact Body
  • Quiet Operating Level
  • Choice of Durable Materials


ModelSize (in)SpeedMax capacityMax head
AMXi 440 / 0.4kw40/40290025012.3
AMXi 441 / 0.75kw40/40290035019
AMXi 552 / 1.5kw50/50290045024.4
AMXi 552H / 1.5kw50/50290030027.6
AMXi 533 / 2.2kw50/50290050030.6
AMXi 553H / 2.2kw50/50290035034.2
AMXi 555 / 4kw50/50290050035
AMXi 653 / 2.2kw65/50290070020
AMXi 655 / 4kw65/50290080027.6