Digester de-sludging

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Solidsvac – defying gravity

As part of an upgrade of a sewage treatment plant, a Solidsvac SV70 was recently deployed for high-lift desludging of a digester.

The Australian designed and manufactured Solidsvac lifted sludge a gravity-defying 12-13 metres thanks to unique suction technology. This lowered levels in the digester sufficiently to allow safe access for workmen. Sludge was transferred to an adjacent digester for treatment.

Brent Petrie, from Prime Pump says the sewage treatment plant is a highly corrosive environment but the Solidsvac is designed for the task. “It’s very effective and very powerful.” He says people are often initially sceptical about the Solidsvac’s ability to high-lift, but it more than proved itself. “On other projects they’re done as much as 19-20 metres, vertically.” The Solisvac’s outstanding performance was backed by the expertise and knowledge of the specialists on the Prime Pump team.

This particular project took three weeks to complete with the Solidsvac operating 8 hours a day.

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