Water truck accessories

Water cart accessories

The smaller the dust particle, the more hazardous.

Efficient and effective dust suppression is needed to keep workers’ health and productivity at optimum while preventing the early failure of equipment. Prime Pump’s best-in-class water truck and dust suppression solutions ensure effective dust control suited for demolition, construction and mining applications. They are sourced from market leaders and offer intelligent design, impressive performance and high wearing capacity. Our extensive range makes the operation of dust suppression water carts easy and economical. Explore our selection and contact our team for advice on keeping dust and debris at bay.

For the civil and mining industry

Excessive dust can affect workers’ productivity and pose a risk of accidents due to reduced visibility. Mitigate hazards and risks with Prime Pump’s range of dust suppression solutions suited for the civil engineering industry. We have electric operated water cannons, pneumatic water cannons and manual water cannons. From vehicle and equipment movement to wind activity on stockpiles and exposed soil, the quarry and mining industry have numerous sources of dust. That’s why Prime Pump’s range of dust suppression equipment for this sector is designed for continuous use in extreme conditions. We have hydraulic and bare shaft water tuck pumps and 500 L/min to 2000 L/min spray valves.

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At Prime Pump, we put a focus on quality. We search for world-leading solutions that help our clients improve productivity and cut on costs. Get in touch with us on 0800 482 747 and we’ll help you find the best dust suppression solutions for your application.

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