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Prime Pump works with Q&M managers to improve the efficiency and reliability of pit dewatering. We're delivering annual savings of $500K by upping flow rates and reducing energy consumption, downtime and maintenance.  We work with environmental managers too, helping to meet run off and disposal compliance requirements on site.  



The heavy-duty Dragflow submersible has solved more than one Quarry Manager's settlement pond headache. Handling 70% material density by weight, they eat pond tailings for breakfast.

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Grindex submersibles

Grindex submersible drainage & slurry pumps need less power to get started, weigh less and manoeuvre more easily than other submersible pumps. When there is no time for downtime, ease of maintenance, high performance and run-dry technology make them hard to beat. 

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PRORIL submersibles

Proril submersibles punch above their weight for their price range. They're a solid performer built to last. 

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Envirohub on Quarry site

Discharge Compliance

Prime Pump supports discharge compliance in a number of ways - from pumping solutions for slurry and settlement ponds to EnviroHub intelligent-dosing, solar-powered lamella clarifier units. We work with CIRTEX Industries to provide CTMPs (Chemical Treatment Management Plans) and all field-based staff are CIRTEX-certifed. 

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Our pumps are designed with low maintenance in mind. From quick access for regular servicing, design features and robust construction. When downtime costs money, we’ve got you covered.


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