Wangen Pumpen

Operas. Not dramas.

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Progressive cavity and hygienic pumps

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Wagner was the German famous for his operas. Wangen are the pumps famous for their lack of dramas.

Named after the German town, located on Untersee and famed for its manufacturing since the Middle Ages, Wangen Progressive Cavity Pumps are the closet thing to infallible you’ll find. And believe us, we’ve looked.

Founded in 1969, the company has always been motivated by delivering not only precision, but also extreme resilience and long life; saving cash and nerves. (It’s a particular source of pride that a Wangen Pump owned by an Austrian client, Mr Maier, has run for 35 years, without the need for repairs.)

Where Wangen Pumps really come into their own is in handling
adhesive, abrasive or crumbly material, or in areas that require impeccable hygiene including; food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biogas and chemicals.

The pumps' effectiveness and compact design are combined with an ingenious modular construction. A wide range of standardized component, available for all series, makes customising pumps to meet individual needs and environments, if not easy – always possible.

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