Grindex Sludge Pumps



Grindex sludge pumps prove their non-stop reliability in countless demanding areas. Grindex sludge pumps are designed for professional use in tough applications like mines, construction sites, tunnel sites, and other demanding industries.

Made for continuous, unattended operation, the pumps have proven their reliability and dependable performance in demanding applications around the world. With industrial strength, they are a perfect choice when pumping water with a high solids content, up to 80mm diameter such as many types of mud sludge and light slurry.

Product Information

Overview Design

Based on the same basic design as the drainage pumps, the sludge pumps come into action when the liquid gets dirtier than can be handled by the drainage pumps. The design even permits converting between drainage and sludge models allowing you to adapt the pump according to the varying conditions.

  • Run dry indefinitely thanks to the patented airvalve (see design tab)
  • 2 year warranty for dry running motor burnout
  • Cartidge mechanical seal with oil lubrication
  • Inspect condition of oil in seconds via inspection plugs
  • Complete with float switch
  • 20m Cable included
  • Phase switcher included for 3 phase model
  • Max submersion depth: 20m


ModelDischargeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/Second)
Solid - 0.9kW Single Phase2"38128
Salvador - 1.5kW Single Phase3"501412
Salvador - 2.2kW Three Phase3"501615
Senior - 3.2kW Three Phase4"80930
Sandy N - 5.6kW Three Phase3"462720
Sandy H - 5.6kW Three Phase3"324010
Overview Design

Grindex Sludge Series


 Air Valve

Air Valve

Enables the pump to run dry 
without operation 
interruptions, thanks to air

Grindex invented and patented
the world's first airvalve in

Med Drainage Cartridge Seal

Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Pre-assembled double mechnical
seal running in an oil
Material lower seal:
silicon carbide - silicon carbide
Material upper seal:
tungsten carbide - aluminium oxide

Inspection Plug

Inspection Plugs

Quick and easy inpection of 
the seal oil condition




Grindex's SMART electronic
surveillance system
- Phase failure protection
- High temperature guard
- Rotasense - prevents reverse run

SS Casing

Stainless Steel Casing

Stainless steel outer casing
provides optimum strength,
and keeps motor cool leading to
higher efficiency

Vortex Impeller

Vortex Impeller

Hard iron vortex impeller.
Ideal for applications in which
the liquid contains
concentrations of abrasives

Large Throughlet Sludge

Large Throughlet

Large throughlet makes it
perfect for passing large solids

Polyurethane coating sludge

Polyurethane Lining

Polyurethane lining on
volute provides extra wear
resistance for pumping
abrasive solids