Grindex stainless steel



Grindex Stainless Steel Pumps

These pumps are designed to meet the tough requirements from mines, construction sites, landfill sites and other applications that deal with corrosive water. One application is in mines where the water becomes caustic and destroys conventional pumps in matter of days. The pumps may also be used in applications where saltwater is pumped, like shipyards, fish farms, construction works in harbours and offshore projects. All INOX pumps can handle pH values from 2 - 10. They can also be equipped with zinc anodes for extra protection.

Product Information


Grindex INOX Pumps: Reliability thanks to

  • Air valve that cools the pump should it run dry
  • SMART motor protection
  • Built-in start equipment, no need of external control/start equipment
ModelDischargeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/Second)
Minette - 2kW3"7.51918
Major N - 6.3kW4"8.52245
Major H - 6.3kW3"8.54120
Master N - 8kW4"8.52655
Master H - 8kW3"8.56520