SolidsPro Stirrers



Prime Pump's range of SolidsPro stirrers

SolidsPro stirrers provide optimal mixing, homogenising and agitating operations in effluent wastwater applications. 

The high performance ratings allow a considerable reduction in running costs. The non-clogging propeller profile, combined with an accurate projection, guarentees optimal running conditions with absolute reliability. 

Product Information


SolidsPro Submersible Stirrers


Thanks to their versatility, SolidsPro stirrers can be used in a wide range of applications. The combination of various construction materials, the stainless steel propeller and double mechanical seals in an oil bath, make these stirrers highly adaptable to a wide range of applications. 

Typical applications fort these types of stirrers are: 

  • Mixing of sludge or liquids with solids content such as dairy effluent and wastewater. 


ModelRated motor power (kW)Nominal speed (rpm)Prop Diameter (mm)Weight
MX17 - Top mounted0.6kW1420 rpm128mm23kg
MX18 - Top mounted1.4kW1450rpm210mm38kg
MX19 - Rear mount2.1kW1450rpm210mm40kg
MX30 - Rear mount3.3kW1000rpm300mm51kg
MX40 - Rear mount5.3kW750rpm400mm147kg