Geared stirrers



LJM (Lind Jensen) have a complete range of slurry stirrers/agitators suited for effluent storage ponds.  Regardless of the tank size, or the nature of the slurry, they have a stirrer that is up to the task.  The larger models of their range are fitted with a planetary gear and a hydro-dynamic propeller that makes the mixing process problem free - even when there is high dry matter content.

Sizes range from 2.2kW through to 18.5kW.

Used for wintering barn effluent and other heavy slurries.

Mounting options:

LJM have a wide range of mounting options for you.  Made from stainless or hot dip galvanised steel, the brackets are made to facilitate the day to day operation as well as servicing.

Product Information


LJM Slurry Mixers

OMDS S112: A compact, direct driven mixer. Also available in a complete stainless steel model for the aggressive fluids

OMPG S132: Medium sized mixers suitable for small to medium storage tanks with medium to high dry content.  Planetary gear.

OMPG R160: Powerful agitator for the large storage tanks with a high dry solids content.


High quality with high performance

  • Unique all-welded propeller design
  • Heavy-duty moulded construction
  • Low energy consumption. Efficient power transmission
  • Long operational life and long service intervals resulting in low operating costs
  • Unique, self-cleaning propeller design with high efficiency
  • Built on more than 50 years of experience with handling liquid manure


ModelMotor Size (kW)Prop Diameter (mm)Weight
OMDS S1121.538080
OMDS S1122.5440-
OMPG S1002.2550-
OMPG S1003540-
OMPG S1004550-
OMPG S1325.5600235
OMPG S1327.5640245
OMPG R16011800325
OMPG R16015850340
OMPG R16018.5870355