Twin Screw Pumps



The new generation of the WangenTwin screw pump is part of the hygienic pumping solutions from Wangen and was designed to reliably pump low to highly viscous, volatile or gaseous products and for applications where maximum hygiene and efficiency is required..  With the Wangen Twin pump you can avoid time-consuming cleaning, frequent repairs, excessive wear or costly production stoppages. Thanks to the high quality materials and the sophisticated operating principle used, all these details will be a thing of the past. This is why the Wangen Twin is the most economical solution for your needs. 

Very high rotational speed range allows either product or cleaning fluid to be pumped as required. High rotational speeds in cleaning operations ensure that the self-cleaning effect of the pump works.

Highest level of service friendliness:

  • Spindle change without re-syncronisation of the spindle shafts, enabled by Wangen's fast-X-change® technology
  • Seal change is simple and fast as a result of a cartidge seal design
  • Alignment of the coupling by a self-centering flange housing (lantern option available).  As a result, no re-alignment if the coupling is needed e.g. after servicing

Product Information

Overview Characteristics

The following media can typically be conveyed with the WANGEN Twin Screw Pump in the food, cosmetic and chemical industries:

  • Beverages such as direct juice, concentrates, mashes, pulp or yeast
  • Dairy products such as yogurt, quark, cheese, pudding or butter
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, soup, gravy or salad dressings
  • Confectionery, such as chocolate, fondant, liquid sugar syrup, sugar, rework or dough
  • Fruits like strawberries
  • Meat-based products such as minced meat, sausage meat or pet food
  • Cosmetic products such as cream, ointment, soap or shampoo
  • Chemical products such as raw chemical suspensions, antifreeze liquids, adhesives, paints.


Max temperature +130°C (higher temperatures on request)

Max viscosity up to: 1,000,000 mPa-s


Pump SizeMax free passage (mm)Max flow (m³/hr) at 1 mPasMax differential pressure (bar)
Twin 702025 (at 4000 rpm)30
Twin 1042560 (at 3600 rpm)30
Twin 13030100 (at 3000 rpm)25
Twin 18040200 (at 2600 rpm)20
Overview Characteristics

High suction performance

The axial conveyance and the low acceleration of the product in the pump enables excellent NPSHR values < 2 m to be achieved.

  • For emptying tanks
  • With a low suction head to the pump
  • For pumping viscous or low-boiling products

Low pulsation

The axial pumping and low acceleration of product
in the pump ensures low pulsation. Any product pulsation
that develops could be reduced by increasing
the speed of the pump.

  • Low shear forces maintains the structural and visual integrity of product ingredients
  • ensures smooth conveyance of sensitive products
  • For applications that require a high dosing precision
  • It is possible to extend the pumping distance by installing a series of pumps

Reversible conveying direction

Pumping in both directions is possible by reversing
the rotational direction

  • For pumping and subsequent emptying of the product line
  • Use as a loading and unloading pump

Wide viscosity range

Viscosities up to 1,000,000 mPa.s possible by axial
pumping and low amount of kneading work in
the product. Good pump output thanks to high rotational
speeds also with low viscosities with e.g.
0.5 mPa·s.

  • Pumping of all low to high viscosity products
  • Pumping of different products using a single pump possible

Can run dry

The contact-free operation of the feed screws and
a flushed / barrier mechanical seal make the pump
completely insensible to dry running.
• Pump functions even with a high percentage of
gas in the product-line.


60% gaseous share possible

The high speeds allow compressible products to be
conveyed with the pump.
• For pumping and subsequent emtying of the product
• Use as a loading and unloading pump