Grindex Drainage Pumps



Grindex drainage pumps are heavy-duty industrial strength, yet light and highly portable.

Grindex medium sized drainage pumps are used in applications like tunneling, mining, and construction. The revolutionary hydraulic design ensures high wear resistance and dramatically reduces performance drop due to long time wear.

The internal starter, SMART motor protector, and optional level regulator provide fully automatic protection and control without the need for external starter — plug and pump.

Also - this model comes standard with a soft starter incorporated in the head of the pump - reduces equipment wear and the start up current, by ramping up the motor speed on start up.

Product Information

Overview Design Size & Weight

Grindex Drainage Pumps: Reliability thanks to

  • Air valve that cools the pump should it run dry
  • SMART motor protection
  • Built-in start equipment in almost all pumps, no need of external control/start equipment
  • Optimised hydraulic design.  Several solutions that minimise wear and makes the pumps at least three times more wear resistant
  • Fewer components that makes inspection and service faster, easier and cheaper
  • Ergonomic design simplifies pump handling



ModelDischargeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/Second)Image
Mini - 0.9kW Single Phase2"5166
Milli - 0.42kW Single Phase2"5114.5
Minex Lite - 0.85kW Single Phase2"7.5148
Minex - 1.4kW Single Phase2"7.51810
Minex - 1.2kW Three Phase2"7.51810
Minette - 1.5kW SIngle Phase3"91915
Minette - 2.2kW Three Phase3"92217
Minor N - 3.7kW 3 Phase4"102135
Minor H - 3.7kW 3 Phase3"103720
Major N - 5.6kW4"102840
Major H - 5.6kW3"104625
Master N - 10kW6"103660
Master H - 10kW4"105735
Master SH - 10kW3"108120
Matador N - 18kW6"1240100
Matador H - 18kW4"126845
Maxi L - 30kW8"1221250
Maxi N - 37kW8"1245190
Maxi H-Lite - 25kW4"127562
Maxi H - 37kW4"129070
Maxi SH - 37kW4"1214045
Magnum L - 57kW10"1228350
Magnum N - 57kW8"1250180
Magnum H - 57kW6"1210080
Mega N - 90kW6"10mm99170
Mega H - 90kW4"1020060
Overview Design Size & Weight

Grindex Drainage Series

Some design featuers are not available in all configurations.  Please ask for specific spec sheets

 Air Valve

Air Valve

Enables the pump to run dry
without operation
interruptions, thanks to air
Grindex invented and patented
the world's first airvalve in

Med Drainage Cartridge Seal

Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Patented, Leak preventing 
seal technology

 Inspection Plug

Inspection Plugs

Quick and easy inpection of 
the seal oil condition




Grindex's SMART electronic
surveillance system
- Phase failure protection
- High temperature guard
- Rotasense - prevents reverse run



Easily positioned in both 
horizontal or vertical position
depending on application.
Threaded or hosetail for outlet

 Phase Shifter

Phase Shifter

Phase shifter on three phase 
models minimises installation 
time. Simply wire up the plug 
and switch the phase over to 
get the pump running

SS Casing

Stainless Steel Casing

Stainless steel outer casing
provides optimum strength,
and keeps motor cool leading to
higher efficiency

 Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers

Takes the main shock out of
any abrupt impact when in 
use or during installation



Stainless steel.
Durability - only the size 
particles that the pump can 
handle goes through the strainer

 Single Sleve Adjustment

Single Adjustment Sleeve

Quickly readjust to as new


Grindex Wear Parts

Wear Parts

Exception wear resistance
thanks to a hard iron closed
Nitrile or polyurethane coated



Overview Design Size & Weight


ModelDischargeHeightOverall diameterSolidsWeight
Micro2"440mm185mm5mm x 11mm12kg
Mini2"440mm185mm5mm x 11mm14.5kg
Minor3" & 4"793mm286mm10mm52kg
Major3" & 4"793mm286mm10mm54kg
Master3", 4" & 6"832mm346mm10mm80kg
Matador4" & 6"954mm395mm12mm143kg
Maxi N & L8"1302mm506mm15mm280kg
Maxi H4"1046mm436mm12mm240kg
Maxi SH4"1148mm440mm12mm270kg
Magnum6", 8" & 10"1475mm750mm12mm540kg
Mega N6"1180mm770mm10mm900kg
Mega H4"1245mm680mm10mm985kg