Plastic chemical pumps



Plastic Mechanically Sealed Pump Range
With over 40 years of experience, Crest Pumps have perfected the Plastic Mechanically Sealed Pump. Our technical and engineering knowledge has refined the mechanical seal range to be the most flexible, efficient and reliable pumps on the market.
Our mechanically sealed range have been designed to be fully flexible to ensure that the chemical pump will always fit perfectly within a new or existing system. Because the pumps are built in our British, specialist in-house manufacturing plant, we can build any pump to your exact requirements.
Part of our flexibility is including a range of different materials such as Polypropylene, PVC, PTFE, PVDF and 316 stainless steel for the pump to be customised in. (if required).
Crest Pumps began building our mechanical range from solid in 1973 and have continued to improve and enhance the specifications of the pump range to make the pumps even more efficient and reliable.
We have a great sense of pride when we receive an enquiry for spares in a Crest pump that was originally built over 25 years ago.

No obsolete parts policy

Crest ECC pumps come with a 'no obsolete part policy' which means even after 30 years of use, parts will be available or an exact replacement, minimising your downtime.

Product Information

ECC Series PP Series PPM Series

The ECC-B range of chemical pumps have been perfected over a period of 40 years.

Built to a heavy duty standard in a range of durable plastics such as polypropylene, PTFE, PVC and PVDF, all pumps are machined from solid blocks of material.  This ensures the ultimate robustness against adverse conditions.

The ECC range are designed to deal with some of the most corrosive applications in the industry. 

  • Capacity to 250 m3/hr
  • Head to 80 meters
  • Built for Heavy duty
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Machined from solid
  • Closed or Long Coupled
  • ISO2858 specifications
  • Choice of durable materials
  • Market Leader in Fume Scrubber industry
  • Flexible to Design Requirements
ModelSuction/Discharge (mm)Speed (rpm)Max capacity (l/min)Max head (m)
ECC 50-32-125 / 2.2kw50/3229002422
ECC 50-32-160 / 4kw60/3229002432
ECC 50-32-200 / 7.5kw50/3229002050
ECC 50-32-250 / 15kw50/3229002080
ECC 65-50-125 / 2.2kw65/5029003522
ECC 65-50-160 / 4kw65/5029003636
ECC 65-40-200 / 11kw65/4029003654
ECC 65-40-250 / 15kw65/4029003680
ECC 80-65-125 / 5.5kw80/6529006922
ECC 80-65-160 / 11kw80/6529007236
ECC 80-50-200 / 15kw80/5029006056
ECC 80-50-250 / 18.5kw80/5029007281
ECC 100-65-200 / 22kw100/65290011052
ECC 100-80-125 / 11kw100/80290011022
ECC 100-80-160 / 18.5kw100/80290012436
ECC 125-100-160 / 30kw125/100290023032
ECC 125-100-200 / 37kw125/100290025054
ECC 100-80-315 / 5.5kw100/8014506032
ECC 125-100-250 / 7.5kw125/100145012521
ECC 125-100-315 / 11kw125/100145015035
ECC 150-125-200 / 15kw150/125145027016
ECC 150-125-250 / 18.5kw150/125145024023
ECC 150-125-315 / 30kw150/125145024030
ECC Series PP Series PPM Series

The PP range are designed to deal with some of the most corrosive applications in the industry and be fitted with a variety of mechanical seal options, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.Crest PP display image

Priming chambers can be used with these pumps to allow suction lifts of up to 4.5m

  • Capacity to 433 l/m (26m3/hr)
  • Head to 22 meters
  • Machined from Solid
  • Handles Solids Efficiently
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • ISO2858 specifications
  • Choice of durable materials
  • Flexible to design requirements
  • ATEX Certification


ModelSuction/Discharge (mm)Speed (rpm)Max capacity (l/min)Max head (m)
PP 17 / 0.55kw1 x 0.7529001006
PP 22 / 0.55kw1.25 x 129001508
PP 25 / 1.5KW1.5 x1290017520
PP 27 / 1.5kw1.5 x 1.25290030012
PP 32 / 2.2kw2 x 1.5290042522
ECC Series PP Series PPM Series

The Crest range of PPM mechanical seal centrifugal pumps are designed to deal with some of the most corrosive and arduous, low flow – high head applications in the chemical industry. All wetted Crest PPM display imageparts are machined from solid blocks of plastic for the ultimate in robust construction. All pipeline forces are absorbed by a rugged steel shell.

For higher head applications – compatible for liquids ranging from caustic, to hydrofluoric acid – the PPM range of mechanical seal pumps are the ideal choice for reliable process pumping. Usually for low flow / high head applications, the user is forced to compromise efficiency and energy consumption for a larger pump with a suitable oversized impeller.

The PPM multi stage pump overcomes this unnecessary obstacle by providing an efficient and reliable alternative.

ModelSuction/Discharge (mm)Speed (rpm)Max capacity (l/min)Max head (m)
PPM 22 / 1.1kw1.25 x 1290010023
PPM 25 / 5.5kw1.5 x 1290016660
PPM 27 / 2.2kw1.5 x 1.25290025038