Faggiolati Vortex Pumps



Faggiolati vortex pumps offer a higher standard of quality and reliability than most other products in the New Zealand market.
Their extremely rugged construction makes them a good fit for the harshest of applications in the agricultural market

The vortex impeller in these pumps makes the pumps suitable for pumping liquids containing large solids and/or fibrous materials.

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Effluent Transfer
  • Seperator Feed
  • Waste Water
  • Any liquids containing large solids and/or fibrous material.


We hold stock of the most common models in New Zealand for the Agricultural market.
These are listed below.

Product Information


Xpel / Faggiolati Vortex Submersible Pumps

  • Heavy duty submersible pumps for pumping effluent, waste, and liquid with suspended solids
  • Double seal system with lubricating oil chamber
  • Cast iron construction
  • 10 Cable length
  • Thermal protection and humidity probe in motor windings on all 3" (80mm) models
  • Rated for continuous duty
  • Made in Italy
ModelMotor Size (kW / Phase / RPM)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/Sec)Discharge / Solids
G271M3V11.7kW / 1 phase / 2773151050mm / 50mm
G271T3V12.3kW / 3 Phase / 2793151050mm / 50mm
G471M6V11.6kW / 1 Phase / 13728.51565mm / 50mm
G471T6V11.6kW / 3 Phase / 13829.51565mm / 50mm
G209T3V13.9kW / 3 Phase / 2822182080mm / 50mm
G210R3V15.7kW / 3 Phase / 2842242580mm / 50mm
G409T6V13.2kW / 3 Phase / 1392103580mm / 64mm
G410R6V14.9kW / 3 Phase / 1401144580mm / 64mm