SolidsPro Vortex Pumps



SolidsPro vortex pumps offer a higher standard of quality and reliablity than most other products in the New Zealand market. 
Their rugged construction makes them a good fit for the harshest of applications in the agriculture and wastewater market. 



Product Information


SolidsPro Vortex Submersible Pumps

The vortex impeller in these pumps makes the pumps suitable for pumping liquids containing solids and/or fibrous materials.

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Effluent Transfer
  • Seperator Feed
  • Waste Water
  • Any liquids containing large solids and or fibrous material.

    We hold stock of the most common models in New Zealand for the Agricultural market. 
    These are listed below. 

ModelMotorMax Head (m)Max FlowDischarge
VX50MCast Iron1332m³/hr50mm BSP
VX50TCast Iron17.140m³/hr50mm BSP
VX65TCast Iron10.244m³/hr65mm BSP
VX80T2Cast Iron11.7m78m³/hr80mm BSP
VX80T3Cast Iron17.1m63.5m³/hr80mm BSP
VX80T4Cast Iron14.1102m³/hr80mm BSP
VX80T5Cast Iron20.285m³/hr80mm BSP