PRORIL Stainless



PRORIL stainless steel pumps consist of four dewatering pumps and two sewage pumps.  All components that are in contact with the liquid being pumped are made from 304 stainless steel.

Product Information

Overview Design Dimensions


PRORIL stainless steel pumps consist of four dewatering pumps and two sewage pumps. All components in contact with the liquid are made of 304 stainless steel. These pumps are designed for handling clean water or screened wastewater, also applicable to the aquaculture industry with the use of the food-grade lubricant.

ModelSizeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/Second)
X-SMART 400 - 0.4kW2"5.5104.5
X-SMART 750 - 0.75kW2"7155.5
X-SMART 215 - 1.5kW2"71810
X-SMART 315 - 1.5kW3"71813
X-VOX 208 - 0.75kW2"40126
X-VOX 215 - 1.5kW2"37188
Overview Design Dimensions
Proril SMART Cable Entry

Watertight Cable Entry

Anti-wicking block where each conductor
is stripped and encapsulated in epoxy.
This feature effectively prevents water
from penetrating the motor chamber when
the cable end is submerged or the sheath is damaged. 

Proril Smart Motor Protector

Motor Protector

The motor has a thermal protector
incorporated to protect the pump
from overheating.

Proril Bearing and shaft

Bearings & Hardened Shaft

High quality C3 bearings and the well
balanced, hardened stainless steel
shaft enhance stability during
continuous pumping operations.

Proril Smart Double Mech Seals

Double Mechanical Seals

Double mechanical seals running
in an oil chamber. Primary seal
is made from high wear resistant 
silicon carbide for extra protection
against leaks and dry running.

Proril SS housing

Stainless steel Outer Casing

The pump features a simple, 
robust structure that provides durability 
and impact resistance to rough conditions.

Proril lip seals sleeve

Extra Protection for Seals & Shaft

Lip seals and shaft sleeves are utilised
for additional protection against wear.

Overview Design Dimensions
ModelHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
X-SMART 40032918013
X-SMART 75035618014
X-SMART 21544918719
X-SMART 31544918719
X-VOX 20841523312
X-VOX 21544523315