Self Priming PTO Pump



The 12" B300 self priming pump has been designed specifically for rapid response to flooding situations.

Compact, and just 1.5 tonnes, the PTO driven pump is capable of pumping a massive 1,250,000 litres and hour.

These pumps have been used in New Zealand by Regional Councils as a standby flood response pump - not only because of their flow rate but also because they are easily moved around. Simply uncouple two fittings and drive off.

If you want more flow - see the larger vacuum prime unit - CLICK HERE

Product Information


BA300 Self Priming PTO Driven Pump

  • Assembly: Fully galvanised frame
  • 4 jack stands
  • Lighting bar
  • 12" IT couplings


ModelMax flow (m³/hr)Max head (m)Max speed (rpm)Power Required (kW)