Simple Structure, Real Quality

Designed for light weight, excellent performance, and easy maintenance, PRORIL's submersible handy range serve a wide range of pumping applications on utility, construction, industrial, and municipal job sites.

Product Information

Overview Design Dimensions

SMART Series

Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the SMART series pumps deliver high performance for their size. These small but effective dewatering pumps are easily maintained and perfect for a variety of applications, such as small construction sites, rental industries, and municipal jobs.


SAVVY Series

The SAVVY series pumps are suitable for a variety of domestic applications, including draining basements and garages, emptying swimming pool and fountains, gardening, and hobby applications in general.

ModelSizeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/Second)
SMART LITE 400 - 0.47kW2"5.5114.5
SMART LITE 750 - 0.75kW2"7156
SMART LITE BASE 400 - 0.4kW1"2112
SMART LITE BASE 400 - 0.4kW2"2114.5
SAVVY 150 - 0.15kW1"661.2
SAVVY 300 - 0.25kW2"684
SAVVY 600 - 0.55kW2"6115
SAVVY JUMBO 300 - 0.25kW2"3574
SAVVY JUMBO 600 - 0.55kW2"3595.5
SAVVY BASE 300 - 0.25kW1"26.51.5
SAVVY BASE 600 - 0.55kW2"5113.5
Overview Design Dimensions
Proril SMART Cable Entry

Watertight Cable Entry

Anti-wicking block where each conductor
is stripped and encapsulated in epoxy.
This feature effectively prevents water
from penetrating the motor chamber when
the cable end is submerged or the sheath is damaged. 

Proril Smart Motor Protector

Motor Protector

The motor has a thermal protector
incorporated to protect the pump
from overheating.

Proril Bearing and shaft

Bearings & Hardened Shaft

High quality C3 bearings and the well
balanced, hardened stainless steel
shaft enhance stability during
continuous pumping operations.

Proril Smart Double Mech Seals

Double Mechanical Seals

Double mechanical seals running
in an oil chamber. Primary seal
is made from high wear resistant 
silicon carbide for extra protection
against leaks and dry running.

Proril smart outer housing

Durable Outer Casing

The whole cast iron pump features a simple, 
robust structure that provides durability 
and impact resistance to rough conditions.


Proril lip seals sleeve

Extra Protection for Seals & Shaft

Lip seals and shaft sleeves are utilised
for additional protection against wear.

Overview Design Dimensions
ModelHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
SMART 40032918412.5
SMART 47535618414
SMART 150043222523.5
SMART BASE 40033720614
SMART LITE 4003082057.5
SMART LITE 75034820512.5
SMART LITE BASE 40030420610.5
SAVVY 1502731323.2
SAVVY 3003072444
SAVVY 6003412446
SAVVY JUMBO 3003382454.2
SAVVY JUMBO 6003722456
SAVVY BASE 3003052444
SAVVY BASE 6003572446