Electric drive piston pumps



The remarkable details of this simple pump concept are what make the pump so successful.  25 Years of expreience in the Dutch dewatering market have enabled BBA to develop a light, compact and super silent pumpset with a number of outstanding technical features.

The most important features of the PT Wellpoint Pumps

  • High pump efficiency
  • Can run dry indefinitely
  • Excellent suction capabilities
  • Low fuel consumption (energy consumption)
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Extended unit life time

The PT Series wellpoint piston pumps are positive displacement pumps and fully self-priming; this means they are capable of handling air, water or any mixture of both without requiring a separate priming system. In addition, these pumps can run dry without causing damage or wear to any part of the unit.

BBA's electric driven piston pump is the most efficient wellpoint dewatering pump available.

For the eletric driven pumps - BBA have used the same technology as their diesel series, such as the direct drive design in the PT150 models.

By replacing the V belt drive with the direct drive design (PT150 Model), as well as improving the hydraulics in the pump casing, the pump output is significantly improved.  Even at a low occupancy rate, saving on energy costs during the lifetime of the pump are huge!

Product Information

Overview Design Frame & Dimensions

Electric Drive Pumpsets - Open Canopy/Base

  • Run dry 24/7 without damage
  • Minimised maintenance downtime
  • Self-priming. No additional priming system required
  • High pump efficiency
  • Low cost and easy to replace spare parts
  • 100% mechanical technology.

Backed up by a 4 year limited warranty!


ModelFlow (m³/h)Head (m)Power (kW)Voltage
PT130E 230V26202.2230
PT130E 400V35203400
PT150 D15057204400 / 690
PT150 D18090207.5400 / 690
PT150 D200103207.5400 / 690
Overview Design Frame & Dimensions
PT direct drive img 

Direct Drive Design (PT150)

Precisely machined drive
gears and an automatic
lubrication system provide
excellent efficiency and
minimal sound emissions.

PT Exchangeable Liners

Exchangeable liners

The stainless steel cylinder
liners can be rotated for
extended service life. Fitted
with a quick release system.


 PT Easy Access Points

Easy access points

Allows access to the
cylinders, valves, stuffing
boxes and other critical
areas for easy cleaning and

 PT Stone Catcher

Stone catcher

To protect the pump internals
from any suspended solids.
The stone catcher has four
inspection covers and comes
with dual vacuum gauges to
monitor pump performance.

 BBA Warranty Book

4 Year limited warranty

The BBA limited warranty
covers years or operating
hours whichever occurs first.
For more details please
consult the  warranty
book from the downloads below.


 PT Pump Hydraulics

Excellent pump hydraulics

A patented suction valve seat
and improved hydraulics
guarantee the best pump
efficiency and unbeatable
vacuum build up.

Overview Design Frame & Dimensions

Stackable Frame (PT150)

Frame typeSF 10-21BBA PT150 Electric Open dims
Dimensions (LxWxH)2070 x 960 x 1200 mm
Basic frameHot dip galvanised
Motor rain coverHot dip galvanised
TransportationSingle lift point and forklift pockets
StackableStackable canopy