Varisco end suction

Close coupled electric centrifugal pumps for liquids with solids in suspension



Varisco's ZE series pumps are close coupled electric centrifugal pumpsets used for pumping liquids with solids in suspension.

Coming in 4" and 6" models, they use the same wear parts as their J series (self priming) equivalent.

While featuring the solids handling capacity of up to 3" (76mm) they acheive efficiencies of up to 73%

Product Information


Varisco ZE Series

  • High efficiency pumps: 73%
  • Semi-open impeller allowing the passage of large diameter solids
  • High resistance to abrasive liquids: turbid, muddy, sandy waters with solids in suspension
  • Easy maintenance: removable front cover for direct access to the impeller and eventual unclogging. Easily replaceable wear plate
  • Hinge cover set for a full and easy inspection of the pump (optional)
ModelPorts (in)Max Flow (m³/hr)Max Head (m)Solids (mm)
ZE 4-225 - 30Kw4"2005135
ZE 4-200 - 4kW4"1501140
ZE 4-220 - 5.5kW4"1601445
ZE 4-250 - 7.5kW4"2001750
ZE 4-260 - 11kW4"2401976
ZE 6-240 - 7.5kW6"2401450
ZE 6-250 - 11kW6"3601676
ZE 6-253 - 11kW6"3401645
ZE 8-300 - 18.5kW8"4602260
ZE 8-305 - 18.5kW8"4501876
ZE 10-400 - 75kW10"9002776
ZE 12-400 - 55kW12"14001570