Trashlib Pumps



Self priming trash pumps, due to their easy maintenance, can be used with great results for transferring dirty water containing sludge, sand and solids.

The fast self priming time, the large solids handling, the high capacity and head capabilities, and quality are the main points which characterise our Caffini TrashLib pumps!

Product Information


Caffini 3" Trash Pump

  • Aluminium casing
  • Cast iron volute and impeller for improved wear resistance.
  • Rubber lined cast iron wearplate
  • Grease lubricated hard faced mechanical seal
  • Petrol or Diesel engine
ModelSolids Handling (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/min)Priming Time (Sec)
Trashlib 3"38301600Up to 25
Trashlib 4"40302300up to 40