PC immersion pumps



High-viscosity liquids are safely pumped out of basins and tanks. Suitable for viscosities up to 200,000 MPA·s and a dry solids content up to 16%.

The WANGEN progressing cavity pump type KL-T is ideal as an immersion pump to convey media from tanks and containers. The pumped media - whether liquid, abrasive, lumpy, sticky or even highly viscous – are forwarded so as to be gentle on the product and without compromising the structure and quality.

Pumps can be configurated according to your requirements, just as the length can be adapted to your particular needs.

Product Information


Joints which are consistent in diameter ensure a constant flow rate. The WANGEN KL-T series is characterized by lack of sensitivity to foreign bodies, and only needs a small amount of space, thanks to the vertical construction form. Further advantages: the high metering accuracy – even at low speeds, the high suction capacity (self-priming) and the low pulsation and continuous pump output, regardless of the pressure and viscosity.

Benefits and Characteristics

  • Low Life Cycle Costs
  • Large viscosity range
  • Consistant diameters at joint connections for constant flow rates
  • Insensitive to foreign matter
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • High dosing accuracy, also at low speed
  • Little space required thanks to vertical design
  • High operational reliability
  • High suction lift (self-priming)
  • Configuration and length according to the customer's wishes
  • Rigorous modular principle simplifies the handling of spare parts
  • Low-pulsation, continuous conveyance independent of pressure and viscosity
  • Maintenance-friendly
ModelMax free passage (mm)Max flow (m³/hr) at 350 min¯¹Max pressure (bar)