Essential service support continues

As a supplier to essential services including; agriculture, food production and infrastructure Prime Pump will continue to be available thro...

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Progressive company backs Wangen

News Wangen 18032020

Gareth Cowan, General Manager of Progressive Engineering in Southland, has his finger on the pulse of dairying through his company’s rural t...

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Tuthill blowers: Changing the future of landfills

News Tuthill Gallery

Landfills are usually in the news for all the wrong reasons. But what if there was a way not only to reduce greenhouse gasses but to cost-ef...

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From “puddle suckers” to deep sea dredges

News Submersible

The unseen workhorses of the civil industry, Prime Pump submersibles do the jobs other pumps won’t. Or can’t. That’s thanks to their extraor...

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For effluent, cost-saving, slow-running pump easily beats the fastest

News Wangen 032020

Sourced by Prime Pump from Germany, highly-engineered, hard-wearing Wangen positive displacement pumps are making a difference on dairy farm...

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BBA Pumps front page news

Gore Flood Image

It’s not just any pump that makes the front page of a daily newspaper. But the February Gore floods, and the work done there by BBA pumps, w...

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Varisco: Years of service

News varisco 141119

Varisco self-priming pumps have been represented in New Zealand for just over 17 years now.  In 2002 Varisco approached Prime Pump (then kno...

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The hidden secret to the best pies

Best pies blog img

Prime Pump’s Wangen food pumps are manufactured in Germany a country with a well-earned reputation for getting things done very efficiently....

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The history-making pumps that don't even care if there's no water

Grindex History Blog

Prime Pump are an inter-generational company committed to the future of our clients’ companies, and their clients too. So history is part of...

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NZ Water Conference

Water NZ Logo

We are exhibiting at the Water New Zealand Conference this year in Hamilton.  We will have a series of our products on display along with ex...

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