PRORIL Sand & Slurry



Serving a wide range of slurry transport applications, PRORIL's slurry pumps are designed for long wear life, low energy consumption, excellent performance, and easy maintenance.  With their patented ACrS Tech and rugges construction, these abrasion and corrosion resistant slurry pumps provide economical solutions for challenging slurry transportation.

Product Information

Overview Design Dimensions


Open Stand or Strainer with agitator

Rugged, reliable and cost effective, the Stormy series pumps come complete with patented high chrome impellers, agitators, and wear plates to withstand tough slurry transportation.  STORMY pumps are designed with two different types of pump stands, the open stand and the strainer. The pumps serve a wide range of applications in mining, quarrying, construction, and other demanding industries.

ModelSizeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/Second)
STORMY 337 - 3.7kW3"251524
STORMY 437 - 3.7kW4"251533
STORMY 355 - 5.5kW3"252130
STORMY 455 - 5.5Kw4"251840
STORMY 475 - 7.5kW4"251845
STORMY 4110 - 11kW4"252655
STORMY 6110 - 11kW6"352165
STORMY 6150 - 15kW6"353075
STORMY 6150L - 15kW6"352495
STORMY 6220 - 22kW6"303085
STORMY 8220 - 22kW8"4024115
Overview Design Dimensions
Proril Cable Entry

Watertight Cable Entry

Anti-wicking block where each conductor
is stripped and encapsulated in epoxy.
This feature effectively prevents water
from penetrating the motor chamber when
the cable end is submerged or the sheath is damaged. 

Proril Motor Protector

Motor Protector

The motor has a thermal protector
incorporated to protect the pump
from overheating.

Proril Bearing and shaft

Bearings & Hardened Shaft

High quality C3 bearings and the well
balanced, hardened stainless steel
shaft enhance stability during
continuous pumping operations.

Proril double mech seals

Double Mechanical Seals

Double mechanical seals running
in an oil chamber. Primary seal
is made from high wear resistant 
silicon carbide for extra protection
against leaks and dry running.

Proril Stormy impeller agitator

High Chrome Iron Impeller, Agitator
and Wear Plate

PRORIL patent formula, ACrS tech is
applied to all high chrome iron
impellers. This increases wear
resistance to particle abrasion.

Proril hardened casing

Hardened Pump Volute

The pump volute is made from
hardened cast ductile iron to
enhance wear life.

Proril lip seals sleeve

Extra Protection for Seals & Shaft

Lip seals and shaft sleeves are utilised
for additional protection against wear.

 Proril Stormy casing

Durable Outer Casing

The whole cast iron pump features a simple, robust structure that provides durability
and impact resistance to rough conditions.

Overview Design Dimensions


ModelHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)Proril Stormy S P
STORMY 337 P762385110
STORMY 337 S793382115
STORMY 437 P783385110
STORMY 437 S814382115
STORMY 355 P806420123
STORMY 335 S806412131
STORMY 455 P826420124
STORMY 445 S826412132
STORMY 475 P826420124
STORMY 475 S826412132
STORMY 4110 P914479191
STORMY 4110 S923479199
STORMY 6110 P926479192
STORMY 6110 S935479200
STORMY 6150 P926479201
STORMY 6150 S935479208
STORMY 6150L P926479201
STORMY 6150L S935479208
STORMY 6220 P1204592345
STORMY 6220 S1210592345
STORMY 8220 P1166592355
STORMY 8220 S1172592367