Wangen Xpress pumps



Wangen Xpress pumps are their latest innovation. The range has been developed specifically for ease of maintenance and to reduce the downtime, reducing costs.

The X-LIFT quick change system developed by Wangen Pumpen ensures reliable pumping of media and a fast rotor/stator change. The X-LIFT flange is constructed on standard flange design principles. The pump rotor and stator are both constructed in one piece with no risk of product leakage due to a split sealing design. This ensures the high mechanical stability of the pump housing. And thanks to the block construction, it remains extremely compact. A clever solution that lives up to high standards

Product Information

Overview Design

Why Wangen Xpress?

  • Functionality:  The changing of wear parts with very few tools or actions required - all without having to remove any pipework.  "Service in place"
  • Rotor/stator removal in just 4 steps:  4 easy steps with only 4 stanard tools to remove the enitire drive section!
  • Quick seal change: Changin the main shaft seal of the Wangen Xpress can be done with just a few actions while the pump is still in place!
  • Low lifecycle costs: maintenance time and parts cost has been kept at a minimum to ensure low total costs


ModelMax free passage (mm)Max flow (m³/hr) at 1 mPasMax pressure (bar)
Xpress 4838up to 186
Xpress 6451up to 566
Overview Design

Design characteristics of the Xpress series

Wangen pumps are consistently designed and built to deliver performance and reliability.

Wangen Xpress cutaway

Wangen xpress mech seal

Shaft seal 

Very easy and quick to change
Can be swapped out for a new seal
with just a few actions.

Wangen xpress cardan

Cardan Joint

Robust cardan shaft and


Wangen xpress inspection


Large inspection ports for
easy access to interior of the


Wangen xpress rotor stator

Rotor & Stator

Robust rotor and stator in the
highest quality. Manufactured


Wangen xpress x lift


Innovative X-LIFT design discharge
flange for quick rotor and stator