Piston Pumps

Piston Pumps

When you choose a piston water pump from Prime Pump, you choose an investment that pays for itself.

Sourced from one of the pump manufacturing industry’s global leaders, our pumps offer excellent suction capabilities, the longest lifetime, and the lowest cost of ownership. These piston water pumps come from BBA the Dutch leader in the dewatering market. Developed with BBA’s 25 years’ experience, the pumps are light, compact and silent. Our piston pumps are designed for both vertical and horizontal dewatering applications. They are fully self-priming, enabling them to handle air, water, including a mixture of the two without a separate priming system. These pumps can also run dry indefinitely without causing excessive wear or damage to any part of the system. Explore our range and contact us today.

Piston Pumps for Civil Engineering

Our range of piston type water pumps is a great example of how we aim to help our clients bring down fuel and operating costs. Our PT130, for instance, the smallest pump in our PT range offers the same efficiency gains as the larger models. Consuming only 1L of fuel per hour, its tank lasts 130 to 250 hours depending on the load so a 130L tank only needs to be refuelled every 5 to 6 days. Both our electric driven pumps and diesel driven pumps feature the direct drive design. By replacing the conventional V belt drive combined with improving the pump casing’s hydraulics, the pump’s efficiency is markedly improved. Even at a low occupancy rate, users can enjoy huge pump lifetime savings

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