External gear pumps

Single or three phase



GVR electric pumps are for lubricant liquids without any suspended solids or abrasive particles.  Standard versions have a maximum temperature tollerance of 100°C

These pumps come in several different configurations

  • Electric drive (Close coupled or with standard motor and bell housing)
  • Bareshaft pumps for long coupling

Pumps are available with pressure relief valves - other special options include

  • High temperature versions up to 200°C
  • ATEX options
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Bronze construction

Efficient Gear Pumps NZ

At Prime Pump, we supply gear pumps from leading brands like Varisco and GVR. All the gear pumps we supply are high quality and are backed up by the excellent standards of service we offer.

Our goal is to make sure you get a solution that meets your needs today and delivers the performance you require long into the future.

We have gear pumps that are suitable for a range of different situations and applications. This includes:

  • Chemicals including pharmaceuticals, alcohols, acids, solvents, and more
  • Petroleum products including oils, diesel fuel, and more
  • Adhesives such as epoxy resins and glue
  • Detergents, soaps, ink, and paint
  • Foods in liquid form such as chocolate, vegetable oils, glucose, fat, and more
  • High-temperature liquids up to 200°C including tar, bitumen, and asphalt

Some of the gear pumps we supply can handle viscous liquids that contain small abrasive particles, but they are not designed for liquids that contain suspended solids.

We have electric drive gear pumps available, bare shaft pumps, and ATEX options. We also have both external and internal gear pumps.

If you are unsure about the right gear pump for your needs, please contact a member of our team today. We have extensive experience supplying gear pumps to businesses in a range of different industries. This includes experience of standard gear pump installations and situations where the requirements are more complex.

To find out more and to get a quote for a gear pump solution that will meet your requirements, please contact us today by calling 0800 482 747.

Efficient Gear Pumps NZ

When we supply your gear pump solution, you will be working with the pump supplier with the best reputation in the industry. This means you can expect the best levels of support and aftersales care.

Our team will help get your gear pump operational and will answer any queries you have.

Plus, you’ll get a competitive price when you choose a high-quality gear pump solution from Prime Pump. Contact a member of our team today to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Product Information

Electric Versions Bare shaft

Electric versions come in two different styles

Close coupled electric (BMF / BCF series)

These have integral extended shaft motors in single or three phase.  Standard construction is cast GVR BMF Display Imageiron with shafts and gears in steel.  


Bell housing

These pumps have exactly the same performance as the close coupled series, but can be coupled GVR BFC Display Imageto any standard B3/B14 electric motors.  They are slightly longer as they have a rubber coupling to couple the pump to the motor.

ModelSizeCapacity (L/Hr)Pressure (Bar)Power (kW)
BMF / BCF 2M3/8"120100.13
BMF 3M3/8"180100.18
BMF 43/8"240100.18
BMF / BCF 5M1/2"300100.37
BMF / BCF 10M3/4"600100.37
BMF / BCF 15M3/4"900100.55
BMF / BCF 25M3/4"1500100.75
BMF / BCF 35M1"2100101.1
BMF 50M1"3000101.5
BMF 60M1 1/4"3600101.8
BMF 701 1/4"4200101.8
Electric Versions Bare shaft


  • Pumps for lubricant and viscous liquids without any suspended solid or abrasive substance.GVR B display image
  • Max temperature of 100 °C for standard version with mechanical seal or lip seal.
  • Max temperature of 180 °C for standard version with packing seal.
  • Max pressure of 10 BAR.
ModelSizeCapacity (L/Hr)Pressure (Bar)Power (kW)
B 31/2"180100.18
B 51/2"300100.25
B 103/4"600100.37
B 153/4"900100.55
B 253/4"1,500100.75
B 401"2,400101.1
B 501 1/2"3,000101.5
B 701 1/2"4,000102.2
B 1002"6,000103
B 1502"9,000104
B 2002 1/2"12,000105.5
B 2502 1/2"15,000107.5
B 3002 1/2"18,000107.5
B 3502 1/2"21,000109.3
B 4002 1/2"24,0001011
B 4503"27,0001011
B 5003"30,0001011
B 5503"33,0001015
B 6003"36,0001015
B 15004"45,000511 (720rpm)
B 20004"60,000515 (720rpm)