Blower packages



The Tuthill MPAK series packages are value-engineered to meet specific applications and designed for simple installation. Our open and enclosed blower package configurations provide CFM from 250 to 2200 with pressure up to 18 PSI, and vacuum down to 17” Hg. MPAK packages are sized with air or gas blowers including the CP Series, PD Plus, and QX models to provide maximum performance, extreme reliability, and cost efficiencies.

Product Information

Overview PD Plus CP Series Qx Series

Cost Effective: Each standard MPAK is accurately sized to your application specifications with flexible, hassle-free design. Non-standard open designs are still available through Tuthill’s Engineered To Order solutions.

Maintenance Friendly Design: Both open and enclosed packages allow easy access to components. Enclosed design features clear-view window to keep a close check on blower oil levels. Removable access panel opens to reveal blower, motor and components.

Standard Gauges: Easy to read gauges are mounted in line with access panel to keep a close check on performance and measure pressure, temperature, and filter life.

Ready To Go: MPAK packages are factory assembled and shipped complete with minimal training required at start up.

Easy To Move: Mounting base includes integral fork truck pockets for easy transportation and positioning.

Retrofittable: Field retrofittable enclosure option available.

Operation: TEFC motor standard with 1.15 service factor on a welded steel motor slide base that includes a matched V-belt drive with 1.1 service factor protected by a OSHA belt guard with flow-through ventilation keeps belts running cool.

Inlet and discharge: ANSI flanges, top cooling air / discharge exhaust fan, and cooling air inlets located on both sides.

Overview PD Plus CP Series Qx Series

PD Plus Blower

PD Plus blowers are offered in air service and single or double envelope gas service. Models are rated up to 18 PSIG pressure boost or 17” Hg dry vacuum (24” Hg water injected). PD Plus models feature extended top rotor profile for increased displacement and operating efficiency and oversized end covers for the largest oil capacity of any blower in its class. Optional cooling coils and lubrication systems available.


UseFlow (m³/hr)Pressure/Vacuum
Pressure623 - 31210.14 - 1.03 barg
Vacuum594 - 2973576 mbarg
Overview PD Plus CP Series Qx Series

CP Series

CP Series models are rated up to 18 PSIG discharge pressure or 16” Hg dry vacuum. All models have sight glasses, magnetic drain plugs, and triple lip seals as standard features. Rugged design with double-row ball bearings at the gear end, a drive shaft bearing that is cylindrical roller type for additional strength, and all CP Series are timed with precision helical gears keyed to the rotor shafts.

UseFlow (m³/hr)Pressure/Vacuum
Pressure424 - 37370.14 - 0.41 barg
Vacuum424 - 3738406 mbarg
Overview PD Plus CP Series Qx Series

Qx Blowers

Qx blowers are high efficiency blowers at high pressure and vacuum and rated up to 18 PSIG discharge pressure or 17” Hg dry vacuum. Featuring the largest bearings available, Qx blowers have L10 bearing life of up to 200,000 hours. Qx blowers have piston ring labyrinth process/oil seals, oil lubrication on both ends with easy-view sight glasses.

UseFlow (m³/hr)Pressure/Vacuum
Pressure679 - 25480.14 - 1.24 barg
Vacuum849 - 2633576 mbarg