Electric drive vacuum prime



With the development of a standard norm block construction (NMC) BBA Pumps offers a modular and compact electrically driven pump design that is fully in-sync with the companies “lowest cost of ownership” philosophy. Using high efficiency pumps and electric motors, the pumps offer maximum performance at minimal cost. In addition to a standard control box and soft starter, the pump units can also be provided with a frequency converter; which ensures a maximum control over the pumping process.

Product Information


The electric BBA pumps are available in sound attenuated, lockable cabinets or as an open frame.

They still come with the 4 year limited warranty to give peace of mind and reliability.

ModelMax Flow (m³/hr)Max Head (m)Solids Handling (mm)Power (kW)
BA80H D275 - 3"1101152555
BA100K D193 - 4"13015825.5
BA100E D256 - 4"260218015
BA150E D285 - 6"430248018.5
BA200E D328 - 8"650318045
BA3005 D350 - 12"15002210090
BA-C400S8 D559 - 16"320045114250
BA-C500 S11 D711 - 20"550037127400
BA-C600S12 D711 - 24"650024133250