Varisco solids handling pumps

Self priming pumps



Varisco J series self priming pumps are ideal for pumping liquids with solids in suspension.  They are for applications where the main feature is the difficulty in priming and are used in the contracting sector for transferring dirty liquids containing solids.

Their robust cast construction puts them in a good place to take the harsh conditions that they are going to be placed in out on site.

Product Information

Overview Design Electric drive Engine drive & bareshaft

Varisco Self Priming Pumps

  • Bareshaft or Petrol, diesel, electric drive options
  • Rapid self priming - once filled with water the pump will prime itself to a height of 7m
  • High wear resistance - heavy cast casing from range of different materials
  • Simple construction for easy maintenance
  • Grease filled seal cavity for extended seal life
  • Replaceable wear plates in casing on majority of the models
Overview Design Electric drive Engine drive & bareshaft
Varisco Casing

Pump Casing

Heavy duty cast pump
casing in iron, stainless
steel or bronze.

J Impeller

Open Impeller

Ductile iron, aluminium,
bronze or stainless steel
open impellers for handling
large spherical solids up to
76mm diameter

Wear Plates

Wear Plates

Easily replaceable wear
plates in cast iron, rubber
lined, bronze or stainless

J Series Inspection

Easy Inspection

Large inspection hatches
on pump casing allows for
easy inspection and access
to the impeller

J Mech Seal

Mechanical Seal

Hard faced mechanical
seal for optimal resistance
to abrasive solids and
liquids passing through
the pump.

J Grease Filled Seal

Grease Lubrication

Grease filled seal cavity
for seal lubrication
extends the life of the
mechanical seal.

J Bearings


Heavy duty bearings for
optimal life expectancy
and minimal down time.

Varisco Non Return

Non-Return Valve

No foot valve required
on suction hose as a
non-return valve is fitted
on the pump already.

Overview Design Electric drive Engine drive & bareshaft

Varisco self priming electric drive pumps

ModelSizeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/min)
JE 1-1101 1/2"2015367
JE 1-1601 1/2"827333
JE 1-1801 1/2"1134417
JE 2-1002"1713500
JE 2-1202"2518733
JE 2-1702"1331733
JE 2-1802"1534833
JE 2-2152"1457767
JE 2-2202"1258700
JE 3-1003"25121000
JE 3-1403"28201167
JE 3-1803"27341417
JE 3-2253"23531333
JE 3-2403"14641333
JE 3-2503"12671083
JE 3-2523"14721583
JE 3-3053"201081750
JE 4-1004"38131667
JE 4-1594"45262500
JE 4-1604"45242500
JE 4-2254"35462500
JE 3-2103"40151333
JE 4-2204"45142167
JE 4-2504"50182666
JE 4-2534"45192500
JE 4-3164"38293000
JE 6-2406"50153833
JE 6-2506"76155000
JE 6-2536"45145000
JE 6-3506"37335000
JE 6-3556"47325500
JE 6-4006"50386333
JE 8-3008"60208000
JE 8-3058"76177000
JE 10-30510"7618.510000
JE 12-40012"701520000
Overview Design Electric drive Engine drive & bareshaft

Varisco self priming engine driven and bareshaft pumps

ModelSizeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/min)
J 1-1101 1/2"2025416
J 1-1601 1/2"848366
J 1-1801 1/2"1148433
J 2-1002"1722600
J 2-1202"2528800
J 2-1702"1336833
J 2-1802"1540833
J 2-2152"1460767
J 2-2202"1260683
J 3-1003"25221250
J 3-1403"28251333
J 3-1803"27361417
J 3-2403"14781167
J 3-2503"12731083
J 3-3053"201031750
J 4-1004"38242167
J 4-1594"45232833
J 4-2254"35482500
J 5-1805"60173833
J 3-2103"40251500
J 4-2204"45272833
J 4-2504"50322667
J 4-2534"45292500
J 4-3164"38483167
J 6-2406"50254500
J 6-2506"76286000
J 6-2536"45235667
J 6-3506"37405500
J 6-3556"47375667
J 6-4006"50626667
J 8-3008"60309167
J 8-3058"76288833
J 10-30510"762512500
J 12-40012"702123333