Alpha self priming pumps

Self Priming Electric Drive Pumpsets



The Alpha Pompe pumps are self priming pumps feature a closed or open impeller, and are capable of high heads and high flows.  Commonly used for dairy effluent or other applications where there are solids up to 24mm.

Being self-priming means that these pumps can prime by themselves if there is water in the casing. 

Alpha pumps are commonly found an effluent systems around New Zealand

Large stocks of parts are held in New Zealand to provide the backup to our customers when needed.

Product Information


Alpha Pumps

  • Self-priming
  • High heads and flows
  • Hard faced seal option
  • Cast iron construction
  • Closed & open impeller
  • Direct coupled to electric motors
  • PTO & gearbox option


  • Screened effluent (green water)
  • Irrigation
  • Washdown
  • Other applications where there are no solids in suspension


ModelImpellerMax Head (m)Max Flow (L/min)Solids (mm)
03RA-SG - 2.2kWOpen1880020
03RA-H - 3kWOpen286507
03RA-G - 4kWOpen2595019
03RA - 4kWOpen2995024
03RA-Z - 5.5kWOpen3795014
03RA-W - 7.5kWOpen4295019
03RA-Y - 9.3kWOpen4449023
ORA-C10 T - 7.5kWClosed65580-
ORA-C15 T - 11kWClosed67700-
ORA-C20 T - 15kWClosed761050-
ORA-A15T - 11kWOpen6680012
ORA-A20T - 15kWOpen7580015
ORA-A25 T - 18.5kWOpen7680019