LJM cutter/shredder submersible



LJM (Lind Jensen) have a wide range of submersible pumps that effectively pump effluent with very dry solids and straw ranging from 1.5kW through to 18.5kW.

They are tipically used in applications where there is a high content of dry solids, straw, and other fibrous material.  Equipped with a cutting plate, these pumps lap up hard work.  Particularly suited to wintering barn effluent and other heavy slurries.

The submersible pumps are easily mounted with a variety of options to suit all types of installations.

Product Information


LJM submersible pumps

  • Quality pumps with proven long-lasting durability
  • Minimal maintenance and long service intervals means low operating costs
  • Mechanical shaft seal
  • Built-in leakage and thermal control
  • Effective – also for liquid manure with very dry matter
  • Many sizes from 1.5 to 18.5 kW
  • All wear parts are made of hardened steel
  • User-friendly installation and control


ModelMotor Size (kW)Max Head (m)Max Flow (m³/hr)Discharge (mm)
DPAE S0901.56.56565mm
DPAE S1002.26.56565mm
DPAE S10039.5105100mm
DPFH S1325.510150100mm
DPFH S1327.513.5258100mm
DPFH S1325.510150150mm
DPFH S1327.513.5258150mm
DPFH R1601113.5355150mm
DPFH R1601518440150mm
DPFH R16018.515475150mm
DPHT R1601527325100mm
DPHT R16018.527350100mm