PRORIL Drainage Series



PRORIL dewatering pumps are engineered for professional use in tough dewatering applications in construction, industrial sites, and mines.  With a compact, slim design and the patented ACrS technology, these wear-resistant portable dewatering pumps provide economical solutions.  PRORIL drainage pumps provide a cost effective solution to your drainage needs on site

Product Information

Overview Design Dimensions

TANK Series

High Chrome Dewatering Pumps

Designed for continuous operations, excellent performance and easy maintenance, PRORIL TANK series pumps have proven their reliability  and durability in demanding areas like construction, mining, tunneling, quarries, and in industrial and rental applications.


Advanced Chromium Steel

After years of testing and continuous improvement, PRORIL proudly presents their patented technology.  Advanced Chromium Steel Tech. Designed for high wear resistance and superb corrosion resistance, ACrS Tech is applied to all the dewatering and slurry pump family to tackle tough, challenging applications.

ModelSizeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/Second)
TANK 215 - 1.5 kW2"9207
TANK 315 - 1.5kW2"91512
TANK 222 - 2.2kW2"9279
TANK 322 - 2.2kW3"92113
TANK 422 - 2.2kW4"91522
TANK 237 - 3.7kW2"10368
TANK 337 - 3.7kW3"102816
TANK 437 - 3.7kW4"101826
TANK 355 - 5.5kW3"103319
TANK 455 - 5.5kW4"102332
TANK 475 - 7.5kW4"154228
TANK 675 - 7.5kW6"152840
TANK 3110 - 11kW3"125517
TANK 4110 - 11kW4"155027
TANK 6110 - 11kW6"153245
TANK 4150 - 15kW4"156028
TANK 6150 - 15kW6"154543
TANK 4220 - 22kW4"157035
TANK 6220 - 22kW6"205055
TANK 8220 - 22kW8"205055
TANK SLIM 230 - 3kW2"7368
TANK SLIM 330 - 3kW3"71815
TANK SLIM 380 - 8kW3"71815
TANK 6370 - 37kW6"109045
TANK 8370 - 37kW8"205090
TANK 6450 - 37kW6"108065
TANK 8450 - 37kW8"205595
Overview Design Dimensions
PRORIL Multi direction discharge

Multi-Direction Discharge

Discharge can be converted between
vertical and horizontal directions.
In pumps 10kW and larger, a vertical
discharge connection is supplied as

Proril Motor Protector

Motor Protector

The motor has a thermal protector
incorporated to protect the pump
from overheating.

Proril Bearing and shaft

Bearings & Hardened Shaft

High quality C3 bearings and the well
balanced, hardened stainless steel
shaft enhance stability during
continuous pumping operations.

Proril double mech seals

Double Mechanical Seals

Double mechanical seals running
in an oil chamber. Primary seal
is made from high wear resistant 
silicon carbide for extra protection
against leaks and dry running.

 Proril Impeller

High Chrome Iron Impeller

PRORIL patent formula, ACrS tech is
applied to all high chrome iron
impellers. This increases wear
resistance to particle abrasion.

Proril suction strainer

Durable Outer Casing & Strainer

Corrugated outer casing, and suction
strainer are 304SS. Corrugations
provide extra impact resistance to
harsh handling and conditions.

Proril lip seals sleeve

Extra Protection for Seals & Shaft

Lip seals and shaft sleeves are utilised
for additional protection against wear.

Overview Design Dimensions
ModelHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)Proril Dewatering Pumps Fam
TANK 21553725833
TANK 31552627233
TANK 22256725835
TANK 32255727235
TANK 42260728843
TANK 23762528361
TANK 33757827342
TANK 43757827342
TANK 35560730660
TANK 45563632060
TANK 47579631793
TANK 67582631797
TANK 3110863354135
TANK 4110859354135
TANK 6110871354137
TANK 4150889354141
TANK 6150901354142
TANK 42201083424256
TANK 62201097424259
TANK 82201152424264
TANK 230 Slim65918845
TANK 330 Slim62918838
TANK 380 Slim79828392
TANK 63701294532510
TANK 64501294532530
TANK 84501256532530