Plug-in Hybrid piston pumps

Easily adapt to the power available on site with the new PT90 Plug-in Hybrid



The PT90 plug-in hybrid wellpoint dewatering pump comes with a single-cylinder diesel engine and an electric motor as standard. Get stuck into your wellpointing work straight away with the dieel engine, then switch simply to electric when power becomes available. The PT90 comes with a sound attenuated canopy for super quiet operation in all weathers. The units are fully self-contained, with a composite fuel tank and fluid containment system. Mobility is made simple with forklift pockets and lifting eyes fitted as standard. 

Like all BBA products, the PT90 delivers: 

  • High pump efficiency
  • Run-dry capability 
  • Excellent suction and lift
  • Low fuel consumption (energy consumption)
  • Robust construction designed to reduce wear and extend maintenance intervals 
  • Extended unit life time



Product Information

Hybrid models

The PT Series wellpoint piston pumps are positive displacement pumps and fully self-priming. They will handle air, water or any mixture of both without the need for a separate priming system. In addition, these pumps can run dry without causing damage or wear to any part of the unit.

  • Double acting piston pump. 
  • Excellent suction capabilities.
  • Self-priming. Handles air, water or a mix without the need for a separate priming system.
  • Runs indefinitely without damage or excess wear
  • Composite fuel tank enclosed.
  • Fluid containment system. 
ModelMax. Flow (m³/h)Max. Head (mwc)Max. Suction Lift (mwc)Connections
PT90 Hybrid78209.64" or 6"