Cast iron PC pumps



Wangen has been developing and manufacturing progressing cavity pumps for various wastewater applications since it was founded in 1969. The experience gained since this time has had a huge impact on the quality of their products and the KL-S series of self priming progressive cavity pumps are no different! Wangen pumps have a long service life, and are characterised by their rugged design. One customer in Austria went 35 years without having to pull his pump apart or replace parts!

Product Information

Overview Design

KL-S Series:

Pumps in the KL-S series are fitted with a bearing bracket, to which the drive is coupled directly via a plug connection, which is easy to service. This makes the pump a compact and economically viable solution. The pump construction, which is designed to handle maximum stress, relieves the strain on the shaft and the gears, thereby greatly extending pump service life. Thanks to the bearing bracket itself, the drive is also centered, which simplifies pump installation. In addition, the pumps in the KL-S series do not have flexible coupling, as the drive is coupled directly. As a result, these pumps are compact. Thus the KL-S series combines the advantages of a robust and reliable pump with easy maintenance.

KB-S Series:

Pumps in the KB-S series do not have a bearing bracket, as the drive is coupled directly to the pump housing. This makes the pump a compact and economically viable solution. The block design is ideal for normal pump operation or for small conveyed volumes.


Pump SizeMax free passage (mm)Flowrate (m³/hr) at 350rpmMax differential pressure (bar)
20240.01 - 4.648
30510.04 - 3248
50950.34 - 14748
651121.22 - 26048
801215.65 - 53036
10015010 - 56048
Overview Design

Design characteristics of the KL-S series

Wangen pumps are consistently designed and built to deliver performance and reliability.

Wangen KL S Cut away

Wangen Bearing Bracket

Bearing Bracket: KL-S

Bearing bracked with self-centering and
direct coupling of the drive. Prevents
gear damage. Suited for highly abrasive,
adhesive or lumpy media.

Wangen Block version KB S

Block Design: KB-S

Pump in block design KB-S series

Wangen KL S Bearings

Double Bearings: KL-S

Double support bearings for greater
reliability and support.

 Wangen Cartridge Mech Seal

Cartridge Seal

Mechanical seal in cartridge format.
Quick and easy to replace - minimise
downtime for maintenance.

Wangen Cardan joint 200

Cardan Joint With Sleeve

Cardan joint with protective sleeve to
protect against media getting caught 
in the joint and blocking the pump.
Life lubricated needle roller bearings.
Wear and maintenance free.

 Wangen Stator


Stators in a range of different 
geometries, all manufactured 
in house

Wangen Rotor


Top quality, robust rotor manufactured
in house and available in a range of
different geometries and materials.