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Dredging and solids reclamation are energy intensive operations. The main challenge for manufacturers of dredging equipment is to develop efficient machines that can reduce the use of energy and thus contain the operating cost of projects.

Dragflow has been fully concentrated on submersible dredge pump technology since the beginning and is now able to provide the widest range of electric and hydraulic submersible pump on the market. The presence of a double blade agitator together with pump suction directly in contact with the material make Dragflow pumps able to move slurries with solid content up to 70% by weight. Higher solid concentration means using energy to move solids instead of water!  It means possibility to work with smaller diesel engines and reduced discharge pipe diameters.

The result is a considerably reduced operating cost per cubic meter while keeping total daily production at the same level of bigger size cutter suction dredges.

Product Information

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Hydraulic submersible agitator slurry pump


  • Pump provided with agitator to stir solids up
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low rotation speed
  • Able to handle up to 70% per weight material density


ModelSizeSolids (mm)Max Head (m)Max Flow (L/min)
HY35 A / B4" / 6"35404167
HY50 A / B4" / 6"35526667
HY50 HC6"602910000
HY50/108 A / B4" / 6"35796667
HY85 A / B6" / 8"604411667
HY85 HC10"902615000
HY85/160 A / B8" / 10"606211667
HY85/160 HC10"904018333
HY300 A / B10" / 12"1204425000
HY400 A / B12" / 14"1205629167
Overview Accessories Applications

Hydraulic Excavator
The hydraulic excavators, normally mounted on the right and left hand sides of the pump
casing, are used for hard compacted soil where a mechanical excavator would otherwise be
required. Together with the action of the agitator mounted on the pump shaft, the resulting
slurry is drawn into the pump suction and pumped out through the discharge line.

  • Cutting head is designed to reduce cost of wear parts thanks to interchangeable hard teeth.
  • Robust hydraulic motor guarantees strong torque and long life.
  • Cutters are designed to work up to 250m working depth, handled by steel cable.
Dragflow Excavator

Jet Ring
Breaks up the solids with the power of water. High pressure water jet ring system can be used
in the presence of compact, very dry or clay materials. For electric pumps the jet system can
be used as an alternative to hydraulic cutters. It consists of a jet ring frame mounted on the pump
strainer & a high pressure centrifugal pump (available in electric and hydraulic versions).

Dragflow Jetting Ring

Hydraulic power packs
Hydraulic power packs are specifically designed for use with the HD series equipment. The power
packs are based on diesel engines, that complies with latest emission requirements, or electric
motors and are built with high quality components. The hydraulic system is based on close loop design
therefore maximum oil flow can be controlled without varying diesel engine/electric motor speed.
Every Power Pack can be adapted to better fit customer needs with additional oil source
to drive ancillary equipment (such a winches or water pumps).

Dragflow Hydraulic Powerpack
Overview Accessories Applications
Dragflow Industry Application Image


  • Sand & gravel extraction
  • Tailings
  • Scale pits
  • Sewage Plants
  • Bentonite recycling
Dragflow sand gravel

Dredging / Sand & Gravel

  • Land reclamation & coastal protection
  • Dam dredging
  • Harbour & marina dredging
  • Environmental dredging
  • Sand & gravel extraction
  • Civil emergency
  • Channel & pond cleaning
Dragflow Mining Application Image

Quarrying & Mining

  • Trench & pond cleaning
  • High head and heavy dewatering
  • Dam dredging and tailing ponds
Dragflow Offshore Application Image


  • Deep sea dredging  (Previous applications up to 250m depth)
  • Tailor made to suit your application