The VarioTwin is the ideal feeder unit to pump highly viscous, not flowable media for the Twin Screw pumps.  The VarioTwin is a hygienic and patented add-on module to the Wangen Twin, with a hopper and screw conveyer.

To cover a wide raange of applications, the hopper can vary in length, hence "VarioTwin"

Product Information


Product advantages:

  • ‘Coreless screw’ for gentle product treatment of media.
  • Hygiene-optimised design; therefore, minimal dead spaces. Enables easy and efficient cleaning.
  • Cantilevered support system of the screw for maximum hygiene with minimal residues
  • Low space requirement due to compact design.
  • Drive independently controlled pump speed.
  • Low energy consumption due to energy-efficient screw geometry.
  • Materials are FDA-compliant, product-contacting parts in 1.4571/1.4404.


The WANGEN VarioTwin is suitable for pumping the following media:

  • High-viscosity dough in the baking industry
  • Fruit, such as strawberries, including frozen fruit
  • Vegetables, such as potatoes
  • High-viscosity chocolate mixture, waffle rework, marzipan and sugar mixtures (licorice, etc.)
  • High-viscosity dairy products, such as curd
  • Pulp-containing media, such as additives in food production
  • High-viscosity soy products (okara)
  • Meat-based products, such as raw mixture of reconstituted meat, minced meat, sausage meat or animal feed
  • Fibre-containing extracts for the cosmetics industry (cream, ointment or soap)
  • High-viscosity chemical products, such as antifreezing agents, glues (including wood glue) or raw materials and pastes