BBA Pumps saves quarry man-hours

BBA Pumps saves quarry man-hours

Oamaru Shingle Supplies had an issue with the efficiency of their existing hire pump set-up. To find an alternative, Operations Manager David Studholme turned to Prime Pump.

Established in 1965, Oamaru Shingle Supplies manufactures concrete aggregate, sands and roading materials, used in roading, farm infrastructure, and landscaping. The quarry yields around 100,000 metres (200,000 tonnes) of gravel per annum.

Draining water from the quarry to expose gravel for excavation is critical to the operation. The quarry typically holds between 650,000 and 800,000 cubic metres with an additional 250 l/s inflow of groundwater. Water pumped out goes into a race which, ultimately, returns it to the sea.

David Stuldhome says the old pumps had struggled to keep water down the previous year. “We got a run-down on what Prime Pump’s BBA pumps offered. Because if you can save a dollar, you do.”

“They were good to work with.”

David says one of the advantages of the two BBA BA180's used in the quarry was that they could be deployed on two pontoons. This meant the pumps, which are robust but lightweight, would continue operating, automatically lowering as the water level fell. With the previous system, pumps based on the sides of the quarry would’ve been moved to keep pace, using a hiab or an excavator, a process that required staff on the ground.

Featuring a bespoke Prime Pump float regulator, the BBA pumps’ automated and self-contained refuelling system also freed-up valuable time.

Hayden Powell, Prime Pump Hire Account Manager says BBA pumps’ unique, fully bunded construction made them ideal for the job – with no possibility of fuel or oil contaminating the water.

Prime Pump’s GPS systems, allow clients to monitor the pumps remotely using a discrete login. The pumps’ activity is also visible to Prime Pump and, if required, detailed reports can then be sent to the client.

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