Built to do everyone’s dirty work

If there’re pumps that sum up the great “Aussie Battler” it’d be the Solidsvac solids pumping systems. Designed and manufactured in Australia, they’ve been the workhorses of the mining, oil and gas, and dairy industries for over 25 years. Used everywhere from the USA to Oman they’ve proved that they’re tougher than; old boots, boiled owls, two-dollar steaks and goats’ knees – in anyone’s language.

Whatever it is, they’ll hoover it up, no problems. Solidsvacs are ideal if you have problem sumps, heavy sludges, clogged site drains, mud in trenches or need to suck excess concrete off formwork. They’ll also eliminate oil sludge, sand, clay, tailings, coal sewage, fire-fighting foam, paint and things people thought were just impossible.

Mobile, light weight (so they go easily from one job to the next), 100% air operated and extremely low maintenance - minimising downtime - the Solidsvac SV20 and SV70 are here to take care of everyone’s dirty work. (We also 100% guarantee you’ll never look at the humble vacuum cleaner the same way again. Ever.)

Featuring a powerful vacuum and discharge they can recover sludge most from several metres below. And deliver the same sludge 30 metres vertically.

In fact, the Solidsvac has to be seen to be believed. (You can check it out here!)

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