From “puddle suckers” to deep sea dredges

The unseen workhorses of the civil industry, Prime Pump submersibles do the jobs other pumps won’t. Or can’t. That’s thanks to their extraordinary lift capacity and ability to work in spaces that are difficult to access.

From “puddle suckers” to deep sea dredges Prime Pump’s range is sourced from the world’s leading submersible companies; Fagiolatti, Grindex, Dragflow, PRORIL and, most recently, DOA.

They’re all globally proven to meet high standards and to work in the most challenging environments. Grindex pumps were recently successfully deployed on a North Island project that required dewatering for bridge pillar supports going down 12 metres, while the water table was four metres. Absolutely, no problem.

Key to their fit-for-purpose use is that each pump is handpicked by the Prime Pump team, who assess both its performance and high wear resistance, the latter reducing costs of ownership. This is an increasingly important issue for the Civil sector in New Zealand and worldwide.

Our team’s over-riding goal is that pumps are efficient and reduce energy use - containing projects’ operating costs. And did we mention thriving in unforgiving conditions?

Among Prime Pump’s extensive submersible range are stainless steel sludge pumps engineered for harsh environments and capable of pumping corrosive fluids with solids up to 50 mm in size. We also have hydraulic and electrical submersible pumps that can move slurry with a 70% solid content and submersible drainage pumps with the patented ACrS technology.

Newcomers DOA, designed and manufactured in Italy, are already earning their spurs here having excelled in one expansive New Zealand project.

DOA impressed with the utility of the hydraulic-powered pump and its performance: 1,600 L/min flow rate and head up to 45 meters. The pumps can be driven by conventional hydraulics from a tractor, a digger (in this case), or by a purpose-built portable power pack which, combined with the pump, makes a complete system.

They’re Civil’s hidden weapons.

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