The history-making pumps that don't even care if there's no water

Prime Pump are an inter-generational company committed to the future of our clients’ companies, and their clients too. So history is part of our DNA.

Swedish manufactured Grindex drainage pumps go way back too. To the 60s. When the music was great and the pumps were even greater.

And did we mention enduring? (Otherwise they wouldn’t still be around.) That’s a product of the sheer grit and determination that saw them take on the challenges of mines and quarries.

Grindex pumps are armed with truly superior motor protection and, should they run dry, they’ll take that in their stride. Wear resistance is down to a minimum and the low running costs hark back to those happy days of the 1960s.

On the very rare occasion that something does need a little tweak, access is easy.

It means 90% of the value of Grindex pumps are things you’ll never have to worry about. That’s a history lesson in itself, courtesy of the Swedish.

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