Mag Drive AM Series



The AM series mag drive pumps are designed for optimal efficiency when dealing with the most corrosive and acidic chemicals.

THe high efficiency of this range reduces operating costs and energy consumption over the life cycle of the pump. Constucted from polypropylene, PVDEF or PTFE provides the best resistance to harsh chemicals that cause corrosion.

The AM range is a popular product within the chemical industry around the world due to its flexibility and robust nature.  They feature a simple and straight forward design that ensures maintenance is kept at an absolute minimum.

Product Information

Overview Dimensions

Assoma AM Series: Overview

  • Capacity to 150 l/m (9m3/hr)
  • Head to 11 meters
  • Polypropylene/PVDF/ETFE
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Seal-less and therefore LEAK-FREE
  • Threaded, Union or flange Connections
  • Easy to Maintain – Parts can be changed swiftly
  • Compact Design
  • Quiet Operating Level
  • Choice of Durable Materials


ModelSize (in)SpeedMax Capacity (l/min)Max head (m)
AM10 / 0.12kw0.52900303
AM30 / 0.18kw129001007.5
AM50 / 0.25kw1290015012
Overview Dimensions

Assoma AM Series: Dimension Data

Assoma AM Dimensions
AM1030100121   1306763 139 100 293
AM30 F431101307103.51629451.554927212240338
AM30 T431101307103.51578951.549.5877212240333
AM50 F471101566264.51699454.569.51227013247388
AM50 T 471101566264.51659054.564.51177013247333