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The contract was for laying a pipeline for the Baypark to Bayfair bypass project, under state highway 2 at Bayfair.  RZG Construction had to operate during the night to make sure the road was open during daylight hours for the public to use.

The Challenge
The installation was a 1350mm concrete pipeline under the highway.  This project presented a couple of major challenges.  Firstly, an estimated 20,000 vehicles travel on this stretch of road each day.  During daylight hours, all lanes had to be open and available for traffic to travel on. Which meant operating and digging at night, carrying out a stage of the work, filling the trench back in, and sealing the road again ready for the days traffic – but they still had to keep the water at bay.
Secondly - The water table had to be lowered to allow RZG Construction to dig the trench and lay the pipe. The system would have to be buried during daylight to make way for the traffic on the road.

The Solution
RZG Construction approached Prime Pump for a complete solution to carry out the job.  Prime Pump supplied a silenced BBA PT150 Piston pump which is specifically designed for wellpoint dewatering, PVC wellpoints, HDPE header pipes, and swing arms.
When digging the trench and installing sheet piling, the wellpoints were jetted down, ready to be connected to the header pipes and pump.
Part of the system was then buried and while the days traffic was passing over top of it, the pump was keeping the water table down and the trench dry.

The Result
RZG Construction completed the project on time. As a bonus, because the PT150 only uses a maximum of 1.5L/hr of diesel – they didn’t have to waste time or money refuelling the pump as often as other pump options.


Case Study

Products Used

The below products were used in this project - click on each one for more information

BBA PT150 D200

PT150 Silenced Display Image

6" HDPE Header Pipes

6" HDPE Header 

Wellpoint Swingarms

ACC bba swingarm

PVC Wellpoint

ACC drop tube wellpoint

Rubber Suction Hoses

ACC Bauer Rubber SD hose 6

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