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BBA Pumps are arguably the leader in the world for portable dewatering pump systems

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With half of Holland at, or below, sea level – managing water has been a mission for a millennium.

Now, with Dutch BBA pumps, exclusive to Prime Pump, you can have the world’s best dewatering technology keeping your working area dry. Features including a groundbreaking galvanized canopy, the most modern, and cleanest engines, easy maintenance lightweight composite panels, leak-free and fully bunded fuel tanks have established BBA as global pioneers and industry leaders. BBA pumps have technical solutions that exceed regulations along with a diesel particulate filter system for single-cylinder engines, extended service intervals (up to 1500 hours) and low sound levels.

As the Dutch would say: fantastisch.

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City Care Fonterra Bathhurst Connell CPB HEB Transmission NCTIR Grey District Council McConnell March Waste Management Westland Milk Products