BV Sludge Pumps - Open Diesel



BV auto prime pump

The BV range of pumps have been designed with a clear focus on reliability and durability. Featuring a 100% mechanical priming system, the BV series pumps quickly prime and re-prime, even from dry conditions. The heavy build style of both pump and frame make the BV range perfect for use in the strenuous drilling market.


World-class performance

The BV range is built to be deployed on the most demanding drilling and bentonite applications. Using high efficiency pumps and state-of-the-art diesel engines, the pumps offer maximum performance at minimal cost, fully in-sync with the company philosophy of “Lowest cost of ownership”.

Product Information

Overview Design

BV Series Diesel Drive Pumpsets - open frame

The BV100 and BV140 auto prime sludge pump range offers a vacuum assisted centrifugal pumps for abrasive liquids. Designed for pumping sludges and bentonite in order to meet the toughest pump jobs.

  • Minimised fuel consumption
  • Robust panels and frame
  • Approx. 62dB(A) at 10m - at maximum operating RPM
  • Vacuum prime (100m³/hr)
  • E-Slide system for easy maintenance
  • 4 Year limited warranty


ModelMax Flow (m³/hr)Max Head (m)Solids Handling (mm)Engine
BV100 D240 (4")1501786Hatz 2M41
BV140 D285 (6")37022105Hatz 4M41
Overview Design
 BV Impeller Image

Open Impeller

Steel welded high abrasion
resistant impeller and wear

Easy inspection

Easy Inspection

All inspection points,
draining points and
filler plugs are easily
accessible and situated
on one side of the pump
as much as possible.

 Vac Pump Image

Reliable Vacuum Pump

MP Series diaphragm
pump. Air-cooled, water
resistant and 100%
oil-spill free, offering air
handling capacity of

 Vacuum Chamber BV series

Easy Clean Floating Box

Fully galvanised floating box
with stainless steel float
and easy access hatch for

 large inspection hatches

Large Inspection Covers

Easy access to suction spool,
impeller and non-return

 BV Spare parts

Interchangeable Parts

Modular construction to
ensure minimal spare part


 BBA Warranty Book

4 Year limited warranty

The BBA limited warranty
covers years or operating
hours whichever occurs first.
For more details please
consult the  warranty
book from the downloads below.

 Fuel Tank

Fuel tank

Fully bunded, corrosion-free,
300 liter, high-density
polyethylene (HDPE) fuel
tank, located in base of